Interview protocol for new faculty members (Pre-interviewPost-interview)

These interview protocols probe the following questions: 
1. What are new faculty members' concerns?
2. What teaching and learning resources did new faculty members use in adjusting to their new positions, and what do 
they feel is missing? 
3. Did the new faculty members' teaching philosophy change over time and if so, how did it affect their reported teaching 
4. Can we identify different socialization processes based on the experiences of new faculty members?


Marbach-Ad, G., Schaefer-Zimmer, K. L., Orgler, M., and Thompson, K. V. (2013) . New Instructors' Socialization Process in Research Intensive University. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). San Francisco, CA. (Synopsis

Marbach-Ad, G., Schaefer-Ziemer, K. L., Orgler, M., & Thompson, K. V. (2014). New instructors teaching experience in a research intensive university: Implications for professional development. Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning, 5, 49-90. 

Interview protocol for department chairs 
As an initial step in changing the culture of the department, we interviewed department chairs to gather information about their existing and desired STEM teaching initiatives, point persons, and communities focused on teaching and learning. 

STEM activity template

This rubric helped to collect information about teaching and learning innovations in each department, as well as to learn about professional development activities in the department.