Class Observations

The rubric for class observation was developed in a biology faculty members' departmental retreat. The evaluation of teaching performance can be used for peer evaluation or other informal feedback. (Rubric)

The course review report can be used to summarize the evaluation of teaching performance rubric. (Report)

Biology Faculty Members' Departmental Retreat - 2013

These are some validated classroom observation protocols

  • Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS): (Smith, Jones, Gilbert, & Wieman, 2013)
  • Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP):
  • Teaching Dimensions Observation Protocol (TDOP): (Hora & Ferrare, 2014)
  • The University of Minnesota (UMN):
  • Practical Observation Rubric To Assess Active Learning (PORTAAL) or CBE-Life Science Education, Vol 14, 1-16, 2015.

Community Observations

Community observation protocol can serve to evaluate individual meetings of faculty learning communities. (Protocol)