John Jungck, Biology. University Of Delaware
Open Interdisciplinary Science Education 
Spring 2014

Tadashi Fukami, Biology. Stanford University
Integrating inquiry-based undergraduate instruction with faculty research: a biology assistant professor's experience
Fall 2013

Charles Henderson, Physics and Science Education. Western Michigan University
The Challenges of Spreading and Sustaining Research-Based Instruction in Undergraduate STEM
Spring 2013 

Claudia Neuhauser, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Minnesota, Rochester
What If You Could Start from Scratch--Building Interdisciplinary Curricula on a New Campus
Fall 2012 

Kimberly D. Tanner, Biology, San Francisco State University
Beyond Assessing Knowledge - Card Sorting, Superheroes, and Moving Towards Measuring Biological Expertise among Undergraduates
Spring 2012

John Moore, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
1. Creating and Evaluating Online Courses and Textbooks
2. The Institute for Chemical Education and the Chemical Education Digital
Spring 2012

John Merrill, Joyce Parker & Mark Urban-Lurain, Michigan State University
What are they thinking and why? A framework for assessing and interpreting students' ability to use scientific principles
Fall 2011

David Hanauer, Pittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute 
Active Assessment: Assessing Scientific Inquiry
Fall 2011

Jo Handelsman, Yale University
Scientific Teaching: Evidence for change in science education
Spring 2011

Ron Hoy, Cornell University
Learning is a Contact Sport: Better Practices for Science Students?
Fall 2010

Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College 
A Teaching Career to Facilitate Student Learning 
Spring 2010

Diane Ebert-May, Michigan State University
Factcheck: What are we teaching in introductory science courses?
Fall 2009

Judy Dori, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Active Learning at MIT and the Technion: Engaging students in synthetic biology, quantum mechanics, and electromagnetism
Spring 2009

Heidi G. Elmendorf, Georgetown University 
Creating opportunities for authentic scientific practice in an upper-level microbiology course
Fall 2008

Scott Freeman, University of Washington
Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology
Fall 2008

Virginia Anderson, Towson University
As you can SEE...." But Students Don't!
A Closer LOOK at How Students Learn to Read and Interpret Graphics
Spring 2008

Richard Zare, Stanford University 
Cars: Chemistry in Motion
Spring 2008

Phillip Sokolove, University of Maryland,Baltimore County
Active Learning Lite: Six Easy Ways to Engage Students in Large Lectures
Fall 2007

Brian Coppola, University of Michigan
1.Science Education: Progress in Practice
2.The role of Graduate Teaching Assistants in undergraduate education
Spring 2007

Robin Wright, University of Minesota
A biological model for teaching: Developing classroom activities that challenge and engage.
Spring 2007